Fast Checkout in one click FAQ

by SweetEcom

Why I should install this app?

This app allows your shoppers to purchase their selected item without going through the cart page. Studies have shown that most abandoned carts are due to this small time for customers to reconsider or find an alternative to your store.

What should I do after install?

Nothing! It’s a simple install and ready to use app! Optionally, you can change some settings in Shopify admin if you need to.

I’ve made some changes in the settings, but it hasn't been applied yet, why?

It takes typically 5 minutes or more for your changes to take effect. If things still doesn’t change double check that you have properly made your changes, and wait another 5 minutes. If the problem persists try contacting our support

How could I change some styles or widget position?

Try Placing: <div id="fastcheckout_sweetecom"></div> to your product template (sections/product-template.liquid) and you could change CSS-styles as you wish in your theme styles. If you have any trouble you can either contact our support

What should I do after uninstall app?

Usually, nothing, but, if you've placed the <div id="fastcheckout_sweetecom"></div> to your product-template.liquid, you should also delete it. Also, we will automatically delete all data about your previous installation.

What do I do if I encounter problems or bugs?

There shouldn’t be any, but if the app has issues try identify the problem or bug and notify our support team